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A holistic way to improving your health.

Welcome, thanks for checking in; I'm glad you are here! Since you're here, I'm guessing you are curious about yoga and Ayurveda and that's great! Ayurveda and yoga are all about balance, nothing is about restriction. It is not all or nothing, despite what some may say. We can all find ways to live in harmony with the earth and with ourselves. I'm here to show you how to find balance. There is a balance with everything we do. Think......80%/20%. If it's not about balance, it won't work. 

Dive deeper to learn about how yoga and Ayurveda can play a bigger role in your life. You'll learn how to fit a yoga asana practice into your life, adopt some healthy daily habits, make small yet life changing dietary changes, and feel YOUR best. 

So, grab that yoga mat and tongue scraper and let's get started! 

  • Yoga Classes

  • Yoga Trainings

  • Ayurvedic Counseling

  • Ayurvedic Cleanses

  • Seasonal Cleanses

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