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Why Should I Cleanse?

Many of us are familiar with the terms detox and flush, right? I know for me those terms used to scare me and all I pictured was drinking green juice for a week. Now, does a juice cleanse have a purpose in life? Sure, but what we will do in my cleanses is not a juice cleanse or a starvation diet.

Over time, our digestion gets clogged, and we need to clean the pipes per se! Spring and Fall are fantastic times for this according to Ayurveda. We want to remove the junk that builds up and remove the stagnation throughout out body so we can function at our healthiest. Participating in a cleanse with me is a great way to “reset”. We reset some our habits and learn to recognize how certain habits may be negatively affecting us and we learn to adopt new habits that better serve us.

You may be wondering how you know if your body is in need of a cleanse. Well, some common signs are:

  • Gas and bloating

  • Sluggish and slow bowels

  • Sluggish or irregular appetite

  • Overall lack of motivation and drive

  • Fatigue and exhaustion

  • Brain fog

We will notice different things throughout the seasons so we can expect to feel different. I’m going to break it down a bit further between Spring and Fall.

Why a Spring cleanse? During winter we accumulate and pack on those protective layers to keep us warm. That’s all normal! Yet, in the Spring we want to get rid of the extra. And no, I don’t mean just weight. I also mean stagnation and mucus. In addition to the signs above, we see:

  • Congestion in the head and lungs

  • General heaviness in our body

  • ·A foul taste in our mouth

Why a Fall cleanse? During summer our body accumulates a lot of heat. Our body will naturally try to balance itself, but sometimes it can’t which is why a cleanse can help. In addition to the general signs of needing a cleanse, in Fall we would also see:

  • Skin irritations, rashes, blemishes

Did you check off any boxes above? All? A few? I can tell you, none of those symptoms are “normal”. When our body is balanced, we don’t experience them. Those symptoms are our body’s way of telling us it needs some love.

If you read this far and you have some of those symptoms, let me tell you what you get with a cleanse. First, I keep the group small. I’m not in it for the money or the large numbers. I’ve been on the other side, so I want to help others feel good. We will come together as a small group and work through the cleanse together. I’ll provide you with all the support and guidance you need including:

  • All the recipes you need (you pick and choose)

  • Printable charts to help with schedules, meal planning, and grocery lists

  • Journal prompts for reflection and observations

  • Two live video calls throughout the cleanse (recordings for those not available to attend)

  • ·Direct email access to me via email

  • Access to cooking videos and daily routine how-to’s

  • A private discussion forum that doesn’t require Facebook

  • Tips for how to maintain healthy habits after the cleanse

  • Oh, and repeat cleansers get cleanses for a discount

I’d love to have you along for the ride. Will it be a challenge? Sure. The good news is you have absolutely made it through worse then a cleanse AND you will have my support every single step of the way.


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